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Perfect Spring Lawns Start in the Fall

Fall Lawn Care- Come see the Pros!

Fall is the best time to make lawn improvements and repairs. We offer a dozen different grass seed blends for sun, shade and everything in-between. Fall fertilizer formulas are different from Spring fertilizer as they focus on strengthening root systems. The shorter days, cooler nights, heavier dews and improved pattern of rainfall are just what grass needs to thrive, provided it receives the required nourishment from a lawn food to take advantage of these optimum conditions. Greenview Fairway Fall fertilizer and Donzell’s/Gale’s Fortify brand lawn fertilizers will put your lawn ahead of your neighbors next Spring with one quick application this Fall. One of our simple soil test kits will give you an accurate pH level to let you know if adding lime to your lawn will help improve turf’s ability to easily access soil nutrients. Now you can prevent winter weeds like chickweed, poa, annua & henbit from taking hold in your lawn with Scotts Crabgrass & Grassy Weed Preventer with Halts. Enrich your flower and vegetable garden now with Sweet Peet organic mulch to optimize soil for Spring planting and it also makes a great soil amendment for lawn seed-starting.


Ahh Nuts! It’s Fall Already

Time to Stock Up on Bird Seed!

You can earn free bird food when you join our Frequent Shopper Bird Food Club. Just sign up to get your first card and start saving every time you purchase bird food. Take time to enjoy the wildlife that share your backyard with you this Fall. Keep a feeder filled with the type of seed that attracts the birds you enjoy. Our acclaimed wildlife department is now stocked with new selections of feeders and houses. We offer a complete selection of bird and wildlife feeding supplies- premium seed mixes & suets, and decorative & unique feeders and houses, like our gourd birdhouses. Look for our Critter Mix to feed deer, squirrels and game birds.