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Donzell's Winter Seminar Series 2019

Join us on Saturday mornings at 11:00 for FREE seminars. Please phone our reservation line at 330 .724 .0505 to register for seminars you plan to attend.

Feb. 2: Indoor Gardening: Growing Healthy Houseplants
Speaker: Scott Rose, Donzell’s Greenhouse staff.
Finding the right plants to thrive indoors is a simple matter of knowing the plant’s needs based on light, temperature and water. Plants can help clean the air and clear the mind with a quiet, healthy place for you to "de-stress".

Feb. 9: Growing Orchids in Your Home
Speaker: Barbara Ford, Greater Akron Orchid Society.
Your gift orchid finally lost all its flowers. Your orchids from last year won’t bloom. The leaves keep falling off your orchid. What should you do? This seminar will answer these questions and more. Come and ask questions and learn the basic keys to successful orchid culture.

Feb. 16: Starting Seeds Indoors
Speaker: Lee Paulson, Master Gardener.
Whether you start out with a few seeds or go big with dozens of trays, Lee has some great tips and techniques from his many years of experience. Starting plants from seed is economical, fun for the family, and a great way to get a jump on the season.

Feb. 23: Birds in your Backyard
Speaker: Mike Edgington, Certified Ohio Naturalist.
We welcome Mike this year to give us information on the birds we see in this area. Whether you just want to learn about the birds you see from your window or ones you have to venture outside to discover, Mike will enlighten and inspire to learn more about these beautiful creatures.

Mar. 2 & 3: Greater Akron Orchid Society Show
There will be no Saturday seminar. The Orchid Show offers exotic orchid displays, orchid vendors, and experts on hand to answer your questions. The show is free and open to the public in our greenhouse. For more information about the GAOS go to their website:

Mar. 9: Spring Planning & Preparation
Speaker: Matt Rhodes, Donzell’s Nursery coordinator.
It’s time to create your plan for cleanup, pruning and fertilizing your landscape. Matt will help you prepare for planting bulbs, annuals, perennials, shrubs and trees to give you flowers and interest each season.

Mar. 16: Bonsai Basics & Beyond
Speaker: Mike Rusnak, Akron Canton Bonsai Society.
Mike has grown bonsai for many years and his experience is invaluable. He will bring examples of plant varieties, demonstrate potting & shaping techniques, and care tips.

Mar. 23: Gardening for Seniors
Speaker: Karen Thomas & Pam Wetterau, Master Gardeners.
Karen and Pam both lead gardening activities at senior communities using approaches, ideas and resources gentle on the body and uplifting to the spirit.

Mar. 30: Vegetable Gardening Basics
Speaker: Lee Paulson, Master Gardener.
Always one of our most popular topics, Lee covers the basics for those who want to enjoy their own delicious fresh-picked vegetables. You don’t have to plant acres to reap the rewards of homegrown flavor– let Lee show you how!



Gale's Westlake's 2019 Seminar Series

Feb. 9: Houseplants and Gardening Indoors
Growing your garden outdoors is one thing, finding the perfect location and watering pattern inside is another! Let us assist you in creating the perfect environment!

Feb. 16: Seed Starting
The very start to your future garden begins now! Gale's Westlake's own Chris Duperow will assist you in making the right decisions!

Feb. 23: Pruning
How far? When? Gale's Westlake's own Emily Cummings can assist you with these ever puzzling and important choices.

Mar. 2: Terrariums and Miniature Gardens
From life behind the glass to the fairy garden, Gale's Westlake's Carol Bohr will show you how to create and maintain these fabulous creations!

Mar. 9: Orchid Care
Allan Lund from the West Shore Orchid Society will take some of the fear of owning these exotic, potted, flowering plants!

Mar. 16: Succulent Care and Uses
Sean Diamond, member Midwest Cactus and Succulent Society will show you what to do and how to care for these ever popular plants!

Mar. 23: Herb Gardening
Join Becky McKinley, owner of Beck's Greenhouses in figuring out which herb best fits your needs and lifestyle!

Mar. 30: Lawn Care
Join Gale's Westlake's own Chris Duperow as he discusses the importance of the multi-step lawn program. Let us help you create a beautiful lawn!

April 6: Pollinator Gardening
What is it that you can do to attract pollinators? You will be surprised and amazed at what you can do! Gale's Westlake's own Emily Cummings will assist you in making your gardens a pollinator's buffet!

April 13: Attracting Hummingbirds
Gale's Westlake's own Chris Duperow will give you advise on how to attract these glorious, exotic birds and to make your yard a frequent stop for them!



Winter Greenhouses

A trip through our warm, inviting greenhouse is just what you need on a cold winter's day. It's sure to lift your spirits during these dreary few months when we're all dreaming about gardening. We have a spectacular selection of affordable indoor plants certain to cheer you up and fill the empty spaces left when Christmas decorations come down. We offer a nice selection of unique glass terrariums perfect for gardening in small spaces indoors. If you haven't seen our fairy gardens yet, what have you been waiting for? They're sure to inspire you to invite fairies into your garden, too. You'll find miniature plants, adorable fairies, and miniature garden accessories perfect for creating your own garden with just a bit of imagination! Our greenhouses are always filled with potted seasonal blooming & foliage plants and beautiful, easy-to-grow orchids. Donzell's is pleased to host the 18th annual Greater Akron Orchid Society Orchid Show March 2nd & 3rd offering outstanding orchid exhibits, orchid sales, growing tips and potting supplies. Admission is free and open to the public. You're also invited to our "Wine & Orchids" wine tasting event on Saturday, March 2nd held in conjunction with the Orchid Show. It's you chance to sample some best sellers now sold at Donzell's and take home a bottle of your favorites.