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Gale's Specials

The Colors of Fall  
 The greenhouses are loaded with the gorgeous colors of fall!

Winter Hardy Pansies  
  Enjoy the vivid colors of hardy pansies.  
$1.69/tray    $16.99/flat
4" Potted  $1.49/each     10/$10 
Colorful Celosia  
5" Potted  
Only $4.99!
8" $7.99

Fall Combination 
Only $21.99-$34.99 
In "Bootiful" colorful fall combintations. 
ornamental cabbageCabbage & Kale  
Decorative and Colorful
A great addition to your
8" Pot
Ornamental Peppers! 
  Kick up the color in your
containers with this fall favorite!

4" pot $3.99 
8" pot $7.99



Time to bring your plants indoors

houseplants in home


Here are some tips for 
keeping plants healthy 
as you move them indoors. 
  • A good time to make the move is when temperatures regularly dip below 60 degrees F.
  • Decide which plants you're going to bring indoors. If a plant has been struggling to stay alive outdoors, bringing it indoors to low humidity, dry heat and low light levels will increase the stress on it and you. As hard as it may be, it's usually best to put struggling plants in the compost pile.
  • The first thing to do is to thoroughly check the outside of the pot, the plants and the potting medium. Look for signs of hitchhikers, moss or mold on the pots and unwanted guests such as mealy bugs or spider mites on the foliage or earthworms, snails or ants in the potting mix. Finally, check for dead or yellowing leaves, remove as needed and prune if shaping is required. Several days before bringing the plants indoors, sprinkle the soil with a granular insecticide such as Bonide Houseplant Systemic Insect Control. Make sure not to use this on citrus or other edible plants.  Use Neem Oil Spray for edible plants to prevent bringing insects indoors.
  • If you have the space, place the plants you are bringing indoors in a separate room from areas where you have other houseplants. This will allow time for signs of hitchhikers you might have missed in your outdoor inspections to show up. If any do, they can be treated at this time.
  • Transplant shock typically shows up as yellowing and dropping of leaves. However, as the plant adjusts to the indoor light, it will generally replace the leaves it dropped. 
  • Plants don't need as much water in the house as they did on the patio. Make sure the soil is dry to the touch before watering. Succulents will need water less often than foliage plants. 
  • Do fertilize your plants according to package instructions. If all goes well you can begin the move back outdoors after the danger of frost has passed in the spring and nighttime temperatures are safely back in the 60s.
Nursery Sale!
30%-60% OFF
All Tree and Shrub Stock
Pine and spruce, flowering dogwood, eastern red bud, flowering crabs, flowering cherries, french lilacs, rhododendrons, fruit trees and shrubs,
and so much more!
 Salvia, violets, hosta,  astilbe, coreopsis, dianthus,  
and so many more!

Starting at $8.99

Lawn & Garden Solutions 
Don't forget to put Step 4 down  on your lawn.
Gale's Fortify 
5M $13.99
Jonathan Green 
Winter Survival Fall Fertilizer 
5M $18.99
 15M $44.99
Espoma Organic Lawn Food  
5M $29.99 
Step 4  
Fall Fertilizer
5M $24.99
15M $52.99
Spring Flowering Bulbs

 Tulips, daffodils, hyacinth, allium,
iris, crocus and more.

Enjoy the timeless beauty that only spring flowering bulbs can bring! 
Bulbs 20% OFF
Regular price  
Bone Meal
4.5# $8.99
10# $16.99
24# $32.99
4.5# $7.99
10# $18.99

Fall is great grilling weather!
Big Green Egg  
It's the ultimate in grilling machines. 
We carry a great selection
of sizes, utensils,
 'eggcessories' and  BGE
organic lump coal.

Weber Grills 
We are your Weber dealer with
a great selection of grills (charcoal and propane) and everything  you need for a perfect grilling experience!

Garden Style 
Fire Pits
Prepare for those fall cool and chilly nights that
are just aroun
d the corner.
Patio Renaissance 
LP Gas
Firepit Group for 4  
Includes 4 high backed chat chairs and gas fire pit with lid, so you can use it conveniently as a table.
wood burning
and LP Gas
fire pits from Hanamint. 
10 year warranty. 
Wood Burning & LP Gas Fire Pits 
By Blue Rhino 
Enjoy those late summer nights with a cozy fire. A variety of sizes and styles to choose from.
20% OFF 
Starting at $99.99
Edison Vintage Light Set
20 feet long. 20 bulbs. 
Bathe your patio, garden, or gazebo in a warm amber glow; these festive vintage string lights will cast a spell over your neighbors and friends. 
Flameless Indoor/Outdoor Lanterns
styles and sizes
to choose from.

Check out these NEW chimeneas in your favorite Halloween style! A fun fall addition to your backyard gatherings!

New Fall Fashions arriving in our Ladies Boutique! 
 Ponchos Scarves
and more!

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Mark your Calendars
Alyssa's Cupcake Confections
Fall Flavors 
Sat., 9/23/17
11:00-til they run out!
Gale's Westlake
Holiday Open House
11/4 & 11/5
Girls Holiday
Night Out
Gale's Pumpkin Patch! 
Fresh from Ohio  
Amish Country...
have arrived! 
Check out  
our large   
pumpkins and gourds
Pumpkins, cornstalk bundles, large & small straw bales!

Gale's Westlake 
Porch package
 ONLY $24.99!
1-Large Bale of Straw
2-Select Pumpkins
1-Cornstalk Bundle 
porch package   

Jack 'O Mums!
8" Mum in Festive 
Jack O' Lantern Pot
Also sold separately 
8" mum $5.99 
Jack O' Lantern pot $9.99


Mum Hanging

Plant in the garden
after blooming.
Bonide Systemic Houseplant
Insect Control
Protects plants from insect damage for up to 8 weeks. 

Gale's Fresh  
Grass Seed
When the temps go down,
so should your grass seed.
We carry many varieties
for sun and shade.

Why use a cover crop like Rye?

For your vegetable garden, growing a cover crop of rye grass builds soild fertility by adding nitrogen; it adds organic matter, aeriates the soil, minimizes erosion, and can prevent weeds from germinating, and adds extra protection for earthworms, ladybugs, and beneficial microbes. 
Winter rye needs to be  
sowed after the fall harvest. 
Till winter rye crop into 
 soil several weeks before spring planting.


Seasoned Firewood
Available for 
pick-up or delivery.
2x2 $23.99
2x4 $39.99
4x8 $129.99

2x2 Bagged Firewood  
Always ready to go! 

Only $23.99

Bagged Seasoned
Firewood and Kindling Wood

Best prices in town!

4-pc. Stackable Chimineas

These beautiful and convenient
stackable chimineas come with a
 lid and metal stand.

Fall Decorating-
Pumpkin Style!

Various sizes!
Check 'em out!
Fall Entertaining
Mud Pie
Beautiful for holiday entertaining, gift giving or dining at home!  

Archipelago Botanicals
Natural soy candles,  
scented diffusers,  
natural fragrances and  
bath & body products,  
make your house  
a home.
Archipelago Botanicals  
create products
that help people enjoy, relax and take a break
from their busy lives.

We carry a great selection..come find your favorite!  

Gale's Westlake
"Dog Days of Summer"
Sale Continues 
the Store!  
Take advantage of the great prices while you can!  
 Choose from the many
items throughout the store.
NOW 25-60% OFF!