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Gale's Westlake Garden Center
Keeping your Vegetable Garden 
Disease and Pest Free

Keeping your Vegetable Garden Disease & Pest Free
Bacterial Leaf Spot, Black Spot, Rust, Downy Mildew, Powdery Mildew, Wilt, Aphids, Cutworms, Cucumber Beatles, Spider Mites and so many other pests.
Fung-onil- Treats Disease 
Organic Option: Copper Fungicide
Eight--Prevents Diseases Insect control
Organic Option: Captain Jack's Insect Control
Organic Option: Does it all! Neem Oil Insecticide, Miticide, Fungicide
Common Garden Issues
1.  Long periods of rain and humidity will encourage disease.
2.  Overhead watering will encourage disease.
3.  Watering plants in the evening will encourage disease.
4.  Pests usually attack weakened plants.
5.  Pests transmit disease from the soil or from one plant to another.
6.  Unhealthy soil encourages disease and pest problems in the garden.
Solutions for a Healthy 
Vegetable Garden
1.  Consider watering your garden with a soaker hose.
2.  Turn your soil and add fresh planting mixes to your garden every year filled with rich compost, peat humus, beneficial microbes and aged forest products.
3.  Rotate your crops every year.
4.  Remove all garden debris in the fall and discard.
5.  Consider planting a cover crop such as a winter rye in the fall. Cover crops prevent soil erosion and add organic matter and nutrients to your soil when tilled in early spring.
6.  Raised beds are better in areas where moisture is a problem.
7.  Use organic products whenever possible.
8.  Do not overcrowd your plants!
9.  Prevention is worth it's weight in gold!  If you have experienced a problem in the past, use products to help prevent them from occurring again.

Summer Color in the Greenhouse!
Fresh Hanging Baskets 
Perfect for your 
porch or patio. 
Petunias or Calibrachoa
Reg. $19.99 
SALE $12.99 
Fresh & Beautiful 
Boston Fern Hanging 
Only $19.99

Summer Sunflowers
Big Beautiful Plants in Bloom!
Only $6.99

In The Nursery!     

Select Daylilies 
1 gallon pot  
Reg. $9.99 
NOW ONLY $6.99 
Great selection! 
 2 Gallon Perennials
Reg. $16.99
NOW ONLY $11.99
Select Varieties
Assorted Colors

Garden Style
Check out Gale's patio furniture sets!
Free local delivery on any patio furniture purchase  of  $2,000 or more. See store for details.    
Al Fresco Outdoor Patio Furniture
NOW 60% off Reg. price

Patio Renaissance 
Outdoor Furniture
60% off
Greenville 9-pc. Dining Set  
Reg. $5999.99
                                                             NOW $2399.99

Patio Renaissance Handsome Mandalay 
Sling Fire Pit Group
Low maintenance sling material is comfortable and stylish!
Reg. $4999.99
                        NOW $1999.99!
It's Fire Pit Time
Select Fire Pits
20% off reg. price
Hanamint Fire Pits
Simply the Best!
 Gale's carries both wood 
burning and propane models.
10 year warranty!. 
Hanamint Counter Height 
Table with propane fire pit!
Sleek design comfortable seating
and incredible ambiance.
10 year warranty!

Hanamint Club Level
  Outdoor Fire Pit Group
Enjoy the great outdoors  
in incredible comfort and style! 10 year warranty! 
Outdoor Rugs by Mad Mats
50% off reg. price 
Outdoor Pillow Cushions
50% off reg. price

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Redeem your 
Blooming Bucks!
It's time
to redeem your
Blooming Bucks!
Expire 7/31/17

Some  restrictions apply.

Time to put your
Step 3 Lawn Food
Help your lawn endure 
the stresses of summer!
Step 3 will make your lawn greener and thicken your lawn so that there is less room for weeds to grow. 

Gale's Fortify Step 3 
Quick & Extended

5M  $13.99
15M  $45.99

Scott's Step 3
Lawn  Food
Improves lawns ability  to absorb water.
5M  $27.99
15M $49.99

Espoma Step 3
Organic Lawn Food
Summer Revitilizer

Safer for kids & pets
5M  $29.99

Jonathan Green 
Summer Survival

Insect Control &
 Lawn Fertilzer
5M  $19.99

Colorful  Zinnias
7" Potted
Available in Pink, 
Orange, Scarlet, Yellow and Cherry
Reg. $9.99
SALE $5.99

Begonias for Shade
8" potted
Choose Pink, Orange
 or Yellow
Only $9.99

Shade & Flowering Trees
30% off
Does not apply to installations.

Fruit Tree & Shrubs
50% off
Does not apply to installations.
Weber Grills
We are your Weber Grill store!  Complete selection of styles and colors and accessories.  If we don't have it in stock, we can order it for you!  

Big Green Egg
Every griller's dream! It's the ultimate in  grilling machines.  We carry a great selection of sies, utensils, 'eggcessories' and BGE organic lump charcoal.
Light 'n Go 
Bonfire Log

All natural portable birch
 log.  Clean burning, less smoke, and less sparking.
Lights with one match! 
Use indoor or outdoor
Approx. burn time - 1.5 hrs.

 ONLY $13.99
Available for pick-up
or delivery.

2x2 $23.99 
2x4 $39.99 
4x8 $129.99