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Hummingbird Migration Tracking Continues 3/16/18
March is Hummingbird Migration: 
A hummingbird's maximum forward flight speed is 30 miles per hour. These birds can reach up to 60 miles per hour in a dive.
The number of times a hummingbird's wings beat is different from one species to another, and ranges from 720 to 5400 times per minute when hovering. Hummingbirds are the only birds that can fly backwards. 
Ruby-throated hummingbirds are preyed upon by hawks, praying mantids, bullfrogs and even large
orb-weaving spiders. 
The average ruby-throated hummingbird weighs 3 grams. In comparison, a nickel weighs 4.5 gram. It would take more than 150 ruby-throated hummingbirds to weigh one pound. They are approximately the size of a teacup. 
Roughly 25-30 percent of a hummingbird's weight is in its pectoral muscles. These are the broad chest muscles principally responsible for flight. 
Despite their small size, hummingbirds are one of the most aggressive bird species. They will regularly attack jays, crows and hawks that infringe on their territory. Backyard birders often have one dominant hummingbird that guards all the feeders, 
chasing intruders away.
The hummingbirds are coming!
The hummingbirds are coming! 
If you take a look at the map from the link below you will see that a Ruby-throated hummingbird has been seen  in
Warrior, Alabama on March 2nd and as of March 11th one sighting in Tennessee and two in North Carolina! 
These little guys will be hungry when they arrive in Ohio. Gale's Westlake's Bird & Wildlife Department  has food and feeders to attract the hummingbirds to your backyard!
Track the hummingbird migration back to Ohio at:  
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Martha Washington Geraniums Now In!
Martha Washington geraniums also known as
regal geraniums, this group of geraniums features richly colored blooms with petals that resemble velvet. Petals have a lovely ruffled effect that enhances the plants' luxurious feel. The color range on Martha Washington geranium flowers falls into red-purple shades, including lavender, pink, burgundy and purple. White also appears in the blossom mix, along with a host of wonderfully painted bi-color blooms. Two common patterns are solid petals with white edging or white centers.  Martha Washington geraniums have somewhat ruffled leaves in a bright green shade. The edges are often toothed, and leaves release a citrus fragrance when crushed. Overall, Martha Washington geraniums grow roughly 12 to 18 inches tall and 12 to 24 inches wide. The flowers appear in clusters similar to zonal geraniums, but stems tend to be shorter, making a Martha Washington geranium frequently appear to be overloaded with flowers. 
These pretty bloomers grow best when air temperatures are below 60°F. Martha Washington geraniums set their flower buds when night temperatures hover in the 50- to 60-degree range. As a result, they're popular as spring plants, most often bought as gifts for spring holidays, such as Easter or Mother's Day. Once summer temperatures arrive, plants usually stop flowering. If you like the look of Martha Washington geraniums and live where summer brings on some sizzle, plan to pull plants out of pots or planting beds as heat arrives and replace them with traditional garden or zonal geraniums. 
Martha Washington geraniums prefer fertile, well-drained soil. In landscape beds, amend soil with plenty of organic matter prior to planting. In containers, use a commercial soil-less mix developed for use in planters. These mixes provide the right drainage for plants in a container to thrive. Martha Washington geraniums are susceptible to root rot, so avoid over-watering plants or tucking them into
heavy clay soils in planting beds.
These beauties are in the greenhouse in a beautiful pot! Perfect for Easter, birthdays or just because you deserve it!

Lawn & Garden: Snow Mold? 

Early Snow Mold 

Later Snow Mold 
SNOW MOLD in your grass? Paula Carrick,  
Garden Department Head suggests if the snow mold is mild,
rake it out and re-seed.  
If your grass has a bad case of snow mold you will want to use a lawn fungus control product on your grass, rake it out and then re-seed as well. Bring in a sample of your soil to Gale's Westlake's Garden Department so we can analyze your soil and provide you the proper solution to your lawn concerns. 
It is a perfect time for seed starting! 
Cucumber, Swiss Chard, Mustard, Spinach and Turnip  
 Be sure to ask Gale's Westlake's staff in the Seed  
Starting Department if you need any assistance in  
locating these garden gems! 

Gale's Westlake's Barrels & Brews Department!
Join us for our wine tasting Saturday 3/17/18 1-3pm.
We will taste three delicious wines! Sinfarosa Zinfandel
is an Italian red wine, full-bodied, rich and rustic. The Chateau Ste. Michelle Dry Riesling made in Washington, is a refreshing style of Riesling with beautiful fruit flavors, crisp acidity and an elegant finish. Tarima Monastell is made in Spain. Juicy and precise on the palate, with very good depth to its sweet red berry, bitter cherry and spice flavors. Fine-grained tannins add shape and grip to a long,
silky and alluringly sweet finish.
 No beer tasting this week.
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Where is Bigfoot when you 
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Bigfoot Selfie Contest!
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To post on Facebook be sure you take the picture and save it. Go to your Facebook page. Click on the option to Check In. Then you type in the search Gale's Westlake Garden Center. The map of where we are located shows up along with our company and you select it. Click on the icon to add a photo, select your photo to share with all of usand click post.   
Gale's Westlake will enter all selfies (maximum 2 per person & keep it family friendly throughout contest) and draw a name after Memorial Day weekend on Tuesday 05/29/17. The best selfie with Bigfoot will win a $100.00 Gift Card for Gale's Westlake Garden Center! You may have to look around to find him as he tries hard to disguise himself. It seems difficult since he is rather large! Do not forget to tag
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You're Invited!
Join us this Saturday 3/17/18 11:00 "Vegatable Gardening Basics", Speaker Master Gardener, Lee Paulsen covers the basics for those of you who want to plant vegetables and enjoy your delicious freshly picked vegetables from your own garden!
Our seminar at 1:00 is "Spring Planning & Preparation" Gale's Westlake's very own Emily Cummings teaches you how to plan for cleanup, preparation & fertilizing your landscape. Emily helps prepare you for planting bulbs, annuals, perennials, shrubs and
trees to give you flowers and interest each season. 
Hot coffee is ready when you arrive! 
No reservation required!
Gale's Westlake's Seminar Series 2018  
Seminars/Demonstrations dates are  
on our website:

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