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Gale's Westlake Garden Center
January is National Hobby Month 01/19/18
Gale's Westlake's Seminars Series 2018 begins February 10, 2018. Please check our website for details 
'Some seminars require  pre-registration because space is limited.    

Join Gale's Westlake's
Bird Food Club!
It's For The Birds!
Earn free bird food with every purchase!
It has been terribly cold the last month with no end in sight which offers us a wonderful time to start a hobby like feeding the birds! You get to enjoy their their beauty in your own backyard while they benefit from your generosity! 
Sign Up for our bird food club today!
For every $10 you spend on bird food
you receive a stamp.
Once you get 10 stamps, turn in that
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$10 off of your purchase of bird food!
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 Weekly Featured Bird:
(Eastern) Bluebird   
The Eastern bluebird is also known as the blue robin or the blue redbreast. These names can be attributed to the birds appearance; the Eastern bluebird is the only bird with a bright  
royal blue back in combination  
with a rusty-colored breast. Females  
are a paler version of the males.  
Eastern bluebirds are often found near old  
field borders adjacent to short grasses. Highway rights-of-way, orchards, golf courses, and parks are  frequently the home of a pair or more of this species. Nest boxes can attract these birds to fields where they have never been seen before. Bluebirds are often recognized by their distinctive chur-wi call that is used to locate the singer -- often  
perched on a fence post or power line.  
Peak breeding activity occurs in April and July,  
and nesting occurs from March through August. The female does most of the incubating while the male remains nearby.  Eastern bluebirds  
typically have two broods per year.
Young birds that have just left the nest are mostly gray, with just a touch of blue in their wings and tail. Their breasts are spotted much like those of baby robins. Males continue to feed the fledglings until the young become self-sufficient.
Bluebirds primarily eat insects when available and supplement this main diet of insects with  
fruits and berries. Raisins, nut meats, sunflower chips, mealworms and prepared food  
such as suet nuggets. 
Gale's Westlake's staff can help you select the perfect feeder and food to attract the Bluebirds to your backyard!   
It is Seed Starting Season!   
New for 2018 Gale's Westlake is carrying High Mowing Organic Sprouting Seeds!
USDA Organic and Non-GMO: Sprouting Seeds = Grow your own food! Easy-Fast-No Soil Required!
What this means for our customers...less local food is available in your grocery store in the winter so it provides you a source to grow them at home!  
Easy - Just soak and rinse
Fast - Ready in 3-5 days
Fresh - Homegrown Sprouts are Fresh & 
Delicious - Certified Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified and are available in many delicious varieties 

Featured Houseplant:  
Fiddle Leaf Fig
The Fiddle Leaf Fig is a very vibrant and beautiful tropical plant to add to your home!
Every era has its trendy houseplant. In the 1950s and '60s, it was the African violet. In the '70s, it was spider plants trailing out of macramé hangers. In the '80s and early '90s, it was the potted ficus. The aughts gave rise to mossy plants in terrariums and glass jars.  
This decade belongs, undeniably, to  
the fiddle-leaf fig.  
The Fiddle Leaf Fig is the 'It' plant  
available in Gale's Westlake's greenhouse.
Barrels & Brews News 
Featured Beer: 
Gale's Westlake's fine selection of brews
includes Samichlaus Classic.
Samichlaus is aged for 10 months before bottling. This beer is perhaps the rarest in the world. Samichlaus may be aged for many years to come. Older vintages become more complex with a creamy warming finish. Serve with hardy robust dishes and desserts, particularly with chocolates, or as an after dinner drink by itself.
Rare you say? Not for you because Gale's Westlake's Barrels and Brews section has plenty to spare!
Silver Forest Jewelry
Silver Forest Jewelry Customer Loyalty Reward Cards & Stickers Available at Gale's  
Westlake's Gift Department!
Silver Forest creates wearable art that is as  
timeless and unique as you.
Over the last 30 years Silver Forest earrings have been one of the top selling brands in the United States & Canada! All the more reason why Gale's Westlake is proud to carry these marvelous earrings!
Purchase a pair of earrings and earn a sticker.
Once you have earned five stickers send the
Customer Loyalty card directly to
Silver Forest to get a free pair of earrings!
*See our sales associate for assistance in  
getting your card today!
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Example Image
Paula Carrick,  
Gale's Westlake Lawn & Garden Department Head ensures our customers will come in and find bird food, feeders and so  
much more!  
Bluebird house  
is available in 100% recycled plastic or their wooden house works nice too!     
Bird Food Specials !
Ridge Black  
Oil Sunflower  
20#Reg. $17.99
Sale $12.99
24#Reg. $29.99
Sale $21.99
   Wild Bird  Mix
10# Sale $5.99  
20# Sale $9.99
40# Sale $16.99 
11 Suet cake  
sampler special!
Apple Dough, Berry Blast and Bird's Blend.
Reg. $16.99
Sale $14.99  
Diane and the greenhouse team have been busy this last week setting out beautiful  plants. Stop in to brighten your home or office! 
Try Safe Step!
It melts ice fast without the worry of harming concrete, plants or pets. Weather Good to  
-15 degrees! 
discounted rate too!
8# Reg. $12.49 
Sale $9.99 
20# Reg. $16.49 
Sale $12.99  
Ice Melter melts effectively in the snow and ice!
Melts effectively to 
 -7 degrees!  
10# - Reg. $3.79
SALE $2.99 
20# - Reg. $6.29
SALE $4.99
50# - Reg. $16.49
SALE $12.99
We carry  
for pick up or delivery!  
Don't want to leave your home?  
Give us a call! It will be our pleasure to deliver your wood  
so you can stay warm!  
Available for 
pick-up or delivery.
2x2 $23.99
2x4 $39.99
4x8 $129.99
Bagged Seasoned Firewood Ready to go!
Stuck in the house on the blustery days of winter? Crack open a
Christmas Ale from Great Lakes Brewery
found here in the  
Barrels & Brews  section!  

Big after Christmas clearance sale!
Save 60-75%!   
Only a few more weeks left to take advantage of our
Select holiday merchandise.
We have electric cords and batteries so you can test everything before you buy!  
Come take a look at the  
merchandise available!   
*Exclusions may apply. See sales associate for details.  
All sales are final.  
A few remaining  
Permanent Trees left at Drastically  
Don't miss out on your new tree for Christmas of 2018! 
Gale's Westlake's Gardening Seminars 2018
Pre-register at 440-871-0808 as space is limited! See you soon!
Feb. 10 "Starting Seeds Indoors" 11:00 Speaker: Lee Paulson, Master Gardener. Whether you start out with a few or go big with dozens of trays, Lee has some great tips and techniques from his many years of experience.
Feb. 17 "Hottest Gardening Trends of 2018" 11:00 Speaker: Maria Zampini, Master Gardener. In 2012 Maria was named Director of Plant Development for the Agricola Management Group, the exclusive licensee of the HGTV HOME Plant collection.
Feb. 24 "Growing Orchids in Your Home" 11:00 Speaker: Alan Lund of the Western Reserve Orchid Society. Your orchid finally lost all its flowers? Your orchids from last year won't bloom? The leaves keep falling off your orchid? What should you do? This seminar will answer these questions and more!
Mar. 3 "Protecting Your Plants with Traditional & Natural Solutions" 11:00 Speaker: Eric Manfull/James Messina. We have all had that pesky critter in our yard that likes your plants a little too much! Come in and find out from Gale's Westlake's Deer Stopper representatives how best to rid your yard of these animals.
Mar. 10 "Growing Herbs" 11:00 Speaker: Becky McKinley, Beck's Greenhouse. Becky has grown herbs for many years and her experience is invaluable. Her seminars are filled with great insight.
Mar. 10 "Build Your Own Fairy Garden Basics" 1:00
Carol Bohr Gale's Westlake's Design Specialist teaches you how to make your very own fairy garden. Requires reservations. Space is limited! Wine tasting during this event. 
Mar. 17 "Vegetable Gardening Basics 11:00 " Speaker: Lee Paulson, Master Gardener. Lee covers the basics for those who want to enjoy their own delicious fresh-picked vegetables.
Mar. 17 "Spring Planning & Preparation" 1:00 Speaker: Emily Cummings, Gale's Westlake's nursery staff. It's time to create your plan for cleanup, preparation and fertilizing your landscape. Emily will help you prepare for planting bulbs, annuals, perennials, shrubs and trees to give you flowers and interest each season. Wine tasting during this event.
Mar. 24 "Planting for Birds in Your Backyard" 11:00 Speaker: Jim McCarty, Plain Dealer Bird Columnist. Jim teaches you how to plant to help create a natural bird habitat right in your own backyard! Jim will help educate you on the best plant varieties to help your feathered friends be happy & healthy.
Mar. 24 "Create Your Colorful Living Easter Basket Basics" 1:00 Brennis Booth, Gale's Westlake's Design Specialist teaches you how to make your very own beautiful living Easter basket. Requires reservations. Limited space! Call 440-871-0808. Wine tasting during this event.
Mar. 31 "Shrub & Tree Pruning" 11:00 Speaker: Emily Cummings, Gale's Westlake Nursery.
Learn proper techniques and timing for pruning. Wine tasting during this event. 
Check website for details and any changes!
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